This Week in Search Marketing Staffing – 5/12/08


The hot topic this week was whether or not SEO had a future. Shoemoney started the debate by saying SEO Has No Future, and the ball just kept rolling from there. If this debate is still hot a month from now when SMX Advanced begins, I’m sure it will become THE topic of discussion at the event.

Paul Bruemmer wrote a great article for Search Engine Land last week titled, Developing In-House SEO Functionality. In the article he stresses the importance of having a well developed SEO program in place to achieve the results you are looking for. In order to optimize your SEO program, Paul gives three points that are must do’s, getting the management team on board, preparing prior to hiring the in-house SEO manager, and eliminating the red tape. It all revolves proper planning and foresight, by laying out your business goals and having everyone on the same page, it becomes be easier to plan and measure success.

Now that Microhoo is a thing of past, employees at both companies are evaluating their future career plans. CNN reported last week that the general consensus is that Yahoo employees will be staying put. Despite the dropping stock price, many employees said their work was unaffected by Microsoft’s attempted purchase and that they plan to continue with business as usual. It is still early to really see the complete effects of the Microhoo saga on each company, over the coming months it will be interesting to watch if employees truly stay put, or if a new deal pops up that shakes everything up again.

With Microsoft’s attempt to purchase Yahoo, it’s no secret that they want to take some strength away from Google. Over in Europe, Microsoft has made it part of their job requirements. Last week a snapshot of a poster advertising jobs at Microsoft Europe with one of the listed qualifications being “Google Killer.”

Over the weekend Boomtown broke the news that Facebook’s 23 year old CTO Adam D’Angelo would be leaving the company to take some time off. Facebook doesn’t plan to fill the CTO role, but has begun looking for a VP of Engineering. This news is a bit change from the usual “Executive X Leaves Top Tech Company to Join Facebook” headline. If D’Angelo in fact does return, it will be fascinating to see if he returns to the same role, or if his position is restructured to take better advantage of his strengths and skills.

That’s it for this week’s recap of Search Marketing Staffing news, check back next week for another update.