This Week In Search Marketing Staffing – 11/4/08


If you are having a hard time finding a job, maybe it is time to look for a hybrid job.  Many companies are looking for candidates who have expertise in multiple fields to increase the number of synergies in the workplace.  The Boston Herald reported in their article, In Tough Job Market, Qualifying For “Hybrid” Job Can Help, that companies like IBM are developing new positions which combine degrees and skill sets to create a new type of position.  At IBM, one position combines information technology expertise with knowledge of petroleum exploration and production.  While investing time to pick up an additional skill can help, make sure it is something you enjoy.  The best thing that might ever happen to you is landing a job that requires you to take advantage of your two favorite skills.

The Blogger & Podcaster Media Network (BPMN) is the latest way to help you monetize your blog.  Of all the bloggers out there only a fraction have been able to translate their work into steady income.  For bloggers still looking for their payday, the BPMN will help them promote their sites to gain more traffic, as well as make money doing it.  Bloggers who join the network will receive promotion packages worth as much as $2000 from PRnewswire, and will be able to make $500-$1000 a year for each blogger they bring to the network.  By joining numerous small blogs together into one network, BPMN will be able to negotiate better ad deals that might have been reserved for large blogs.  Although it is yet to be seen whether BPMN will be able to support more full time bloggers, it should at least provide an additional revenue stream for many small bloggers.

The hottest tech skill to possess right now is the ability to program an iPhone.  According to oDesk, over the last 6 months the demand for iPhone Developers has increased 500%.  In Wired’s article, Hard Times? Not for iPhone Developers, they discuss this growing trend and how it is creating new opportunities for ambitious developers.  With the success of Apple’s app store, companies all across the globe are planning their iPhone application strategy to improve visibility and increase revenues.  Whether you are looking for your next independent project or a freelancer looking for a new job, the iPhone might be able to help get you there.

With the growth that has been seen in internet marketing over the last couple years, many colleges have begun taking steps towards creating the next generation of internet marketers.  At Rasmussen College in Minnesota, there are two new degree programs aimed specifically at internet marketing.  Rasmussen offers both a two year associate degree, which is attainable online, and a four year bachelor’s degree.  Fremont College is another institution which is helping to promote the growth of internet marketing.  Just recently they began offering four new courses in their Associate Degree in Business Administration cirriculum.  As more students exit college wth internet marketing knowledge, the inudstry will be more suited to grow and mature.

That is it for this week, check back next week for another update.