Onward Search: The Best Of Twitter – 7/23/10


Happy Friday faithful Onward Search followers! The OS team was really moving and shaking on Twitter during the past two weeks. From summer vacations and culinary adventures to friendly threats from co-workers, it’s all here in this week’s Twitter highlights:

CourtneyDavis And Murphy’s Law prevents me from starting my “vacation” on time…I wish we had wine in the office. 6:57 PM Jul 9th via web
JRestaino First tweet back from vacation, better make it a memorable one…now where are my pants… 9:33 AM Jul 12th via TweetDeck
mermer13 time for another feast, all this cooking for peeps is making me want to start a food blog…..forget Julie & Julia, it’s about Meri & Mario¬† 8:49 PM Jul 12th via web
cindy_caldwell Toyota owes BP a huge pr thank you for taking the spotlight off them. Same goes for Lindsey Lohan to Mel Gibson 1:30 PM Jul 14th via web
yzsusand Let this make your Wednesday….RT @improvevery Star Wars Subway Car 6:42 PM Jul 14th via TweetMeme
mermer13 don’t invent things to do to avoid the important….do it, and move on! 2:33 PM Jul 16th via web
JRestaino @Leanne_Owens I’m tweaking into a whole new era, G-Funk step to this I dare ya, Funk, on a whole new level… 11:54 AM Jul 19th via TweetDeck in reply to Leanne_Owens
CourtneyDavis Word to job seekers: Don’t apply to every job you see-instead, READ the job description and see if you would truly be a good fit! 2:54 PM Jul 20th via web
JRestaino Great meeting with an emotion and biometrics measuring market research agency. Fascinating how they balance user experience and research. 11:40 AM Jul 21st via TweetDeck
Leanne_Owens Guess u cooked urself a bad salad too…RT @CourtneyDavis -too much balsamic, not enough lettuce. 3:35 PM Jul 21st via web
reillyodonnell They are here because of me… 9:21 PM Jul 22nd via Twitter for iPhone
Leanne_Owens If I don’t make this week in Twitter someone is gonna get punched in this office and @JRestaino sits the closest. 11:28 AM Jul 23rd via web

(You’re welcome, Jonathan. You can thank me later.)

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