Onward Search: The Best of Twitter 10/22/10


Hello and Happy Friday to all! So, it’s been an interesting week in Internet marketing: Steve Jobs said some stuff about the Android OS, Facebook and Bing are now best friends, astronauts are checking into Foursquare from outer space and The Washington Post revealed it might not fully understand what Twitter is all about. If you happened to miss any of the updates from the OS team because of everything going on, there’s no need to panic. The Best of Twitter from Onward Search is here with all the highlights from the team! Enjoy!

yzsusand The movie “Social Network”…a solid 10, what do you think? 12:10 AM Oct 17 via Twitter for Android
reillyodonnell at 41 years old, whats more surprising: that brett farve is still playing football, or that he knows how to text/sext? 05:32 PM Oct 17 via tGadget
yzsusand Mmmmmm, red velvet cakebatter frozen yogurt cures everything. ; ) 11:32 PM Oct 18 via Twitter for Android
ktenmjones #quoteoftheday “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. ” – Frank A. Clark 08:39 AM Oct 19 via Twitter for iPhone
ktenmjones @onwardsearch is sponsoring, iStrategyLabs >”Surreal DC: A Magical Halloween Masquerade ” via @eventbrite Come Join us! 01:04 PM Oct 19 via Tweet Button
Leanne_Owens Before I forget – thank you to my awesome colleagues, awesome clients and thriving temp/contract staffing business. 08:45 PM Oct 19 via web
Leanne_Owens Working out with my supercute personal trainer. Favorite part is the end of the workout stretch. 08:46 PM Oct 19 via web
JRestaino Has anyone seen the Q4 iPad numbers? Insane, 4.2 million sold, only 3.5 Microsoft computers sold…says something. 10:01 AM Oct 20 via TweetDeck
mermer13 Six Reasons Why The Shortage Of UI Engineers Is Going To Get Worse | Usability Counts | User Exper.. 05:16 PM Oct 20 via TweetMeme
yzsusand Halloween fun facts: 68% of Americans decorate, chocolate candy sales in lbs.= 90, anticipate 36 million Trick- or -treaters this year! 05:26 PM Oct 20 via web
JRestaino For all you beer lovers, a deal is brewing. A win for the little guy: Yuengling buying plants from Coors – 09:47 AM Oct 21 via TweetDeck
jmwebgeek who taking me out tomorrow nite…it.has to involve beer, the yankees and somewhere to watch them….any takers? lol 11:55 PM Oct 21 via LauncherPro
AndreaGuerrero ATTN: NEW YORK! I’ll be driving through you on Monday evening. Consider yourself warned. 12:59 PM Oct 22 via web

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