Job Seeker Soup: Delicious Lessons Learned


Served fresh and made to order – it’s a brand new serving of Onward Search‘s Job Seeker Soup, brimming with excellent advice for your career and perfect for a sunny summer afternoon snack!

July was a very informative month on the Onward Search Twitter feed because so many great sites and authors where sharing important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers.  The lessons learned range from mistakes made on the clock to discoveries and advice that will help you land your next dream job. Hopefully you’ll leave here full of knowledge and ready to apply what you’ve learned in your own career. Enjoy!

July 7 – My Favorite Programming Mistakes

Developers and programmers are often meticulous by nature, but hey, anyone can make mistakes no matter how careful they are. The important thing is to walk away from each having learned something, and that’s exactly what Paul Tero offers in this post on the Smashing Coding section of

July 8 – 10 UX mistakes to avoid

While making mistakes is “ok”, avoiding them is far more admirable, especially when doing so helps you further your UX projects and career. Neil Turner from UX for the masses offers sage advice about side stepping common mistakes that can undermine great UX projects and ideas.

July 13 – Stupid Things to Put in Your Cover Letter

The list of obvious things you never want to put in your resume or cover letter include items that are too personal, inappropriate or just plain irrelevant to your career goals. But what about the not so obvious list? This article by Julie Rains on points to some easy to make mistakes that will leave your cover letter looking less than impressive.

July 14 – 5 Ways NOT to Use Twitter for Freelancers

Twitter is a fantastic resource for freelancers, but only if it’s used correctly. Melanie Brooks gives clear instruction in this Freelance Switch article on how not to use Twitter to enhance your freelance business, brand and reputation.

July 14 – “ReTweet” or “retweet”? The Grammar of Social Media

When you communicate via and about social media, you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about (especially when future employers could be listening). With so much variation surrounding the lexicon of social media speak, this summary of common social media words and their usage by Kerry Jones on BlueGlass will help you stay consistent and correct in your communications.

July 21 – BruceClay – 5 Reasons I Suck at My Personal Brand (and What You Can Learn from It)

Sometimes the best way to learn is to carefully observe where and why other’s fall short. In this post,  Jessica Lee from Bruce Clay, Inc. shines a light on what she’s not doing right when it comes to her own personal brand so we can all benefit. Each point is a must learn for both job seekers and the gainfully employed alike.

Check back again real soon for more delicious career advice and plenty of updates from Onward Search including must-attend events and new job opportunities for interactive designers, Internet marketers and mobile developers!