Flash Design Careers 101

So, you want to learn more about developing a career in Flash Design? This is the best place to start! We’ve summarized the basics of a career in Flash Design so you can learn more about what it takes to start your own.

Why Flash Design Matters

Most web pages would be dull and lackluster without the influence of talented flash designers. These creative professionals add the visual elements that bring online brands to life and engage users who visit their websites. Since its introduction in 1996, Flash has evolved from a simple 2D animation tool to an interactive staple that supports hundreds of thousands of successful websites.

The required skills of a flash designer have changed in recent years as the capabilities of the tool have evolved and expanded. The foundation of building rich Internet applications in Flash was altered significantly by the release of Flash ActionScript 3.0 which brought a new version of the programming language and sent many designers back to the books to keep their skills up to date. Successful flash designers develop interactive pages using audio, video, color and text that help their company’s website stand out from the competition.

When companies decide to hire flash designers to enhance their websites, they need to consider how it will impact their ability to rank well on search engines. Even when expertly utilized, search engines have a tough time crawling flash heavy websites in the same way they would index a text heavy HTML page. Fortunately for flash designers, Adobe provided search engines with the technology they need to read flash documents in order to index links and text from them. While flash pages still aren’t completely crawlable, spiders can pull enough content from them to get them indexed in search engines.

Working in Flash Design

Companies across the country are seeking talented flash designers who will keep their websites visually appealing and engaging to their visitors. Flash design jobs can range from smaller tasks like the creation of banners and headers to the production of fully functional websites with dozens of pages. Regardless of the scope of a project, flash designers with experience in the latest software and advanced knowledge of optimizing flash for search engines will be in highest demand among companies that need their expertise.

So whether your flash career is just beginning to take shape or you are an established professional in the industry, Onward Search will match your skills and ambitions to opportunities that fit your personal experience and professional goals. Start working with Onward today to develop and fortify your Flash Design career.

Flash Design Job Responsibilities

This is a list of responsibilities commonly associated with Flash Design jobs. Tip: use the keywords and phrases you find in job descriptions when writing your resume to improve your chance of getting noticed.

  • Banner ad creation
  • Splash page creation
  • SEO tactics for flash
  • Front end web design

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