User Experience Career Resources

User Experience professionals are incredibly valuable to any organization developing or improving upon a digital product, because their work directly impacts the user. With that said, it’s easy to see why user experience professionals are so highly sought after. The following resources can help user experience professionals better and more confidently navigate their job market.

User Experience Salary Information

Salaries for user experience professionals can vary but are often in excess of $80K per year, depending on the location.

Top Locations for User Experience Jobs / User Experience Salaries:

Rank Location Average Salary
1 New York, NY $110,800
2 San Francisco, CA $110,385
3 Jersey City, NJ $105,260
4 Boston, MA $102,500
5 Atlanta, GA $101,670
6 Washington, DC $100,450
7 Chicago, IL $98,350
8 Houston, TX $92,126
9 Charlotte, NC $87,976
10 Seattle, WA $87,976

Rank Location Average Salary
11 Los Angeles, CA $87,146
12 Philadelphia, PA $85,486
13 Dallas, TX $82,996
14 San Diego, CA $82,166
15 Portland, OR $79,676
16 Denver, CO $78,016
17 Austin, TX $77,186
18 Orlando, FL $72,621
19 Minneapolis, MN $71,791
20 Phoenix, AZ $68,887

User Experience Job Trends

The number of jobs for user experience professionals has declined slightly, since an unprecedented peak late in 2016, but jobs still remain high, highlighting the demand for user experience professionals.

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Tools and Resources for User Experience Professionals

From new creative trends and the latest design software updates, User Experience professionals need to keep up with their evolving industry just as much as they need to know the basics. The websites below offer a range of User Experience tools and resources to assist you in your day-to-day work.

  • Woopra: Track, analyze, and take action on live customer data.
  • Naview: Create easier navigations through rapid testing.
  • TryMyUI: Hear what users are thinking as they use your site.
  • Attensee: Heatmaps that tell you where visitors are looking on your page.
  • UXPin: A drag and drop design and wireframe editor.
  • A minimalist wireframing service.


User Experience Organizations

If you’re interested in networking with other user experience professionals or you just want to find those that share your love of user experience, these organizations and groups will make it easy to connect with others.

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