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User Experience Careers Guide

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The user experience industry is a hot place to work these days and the demand for talented UX professionals shows no sign of slowing down. Onward Search’s UX job requests have increased 171% over the past 12 months alone and this demand should only continue in the upcoming year. See our User Experience Jobs for a sample of current UX job opportunities.

With so many hiring managers looking for user experience talent and so many creative professionals looking to break into the industry, we created the Guide to UX Careers to help both groups successfully navigate this rapidly evolving profession.

This UX Careers Guide provides all the key information you need know about where the jobs are, what UX professionals are getting paid, what the must-know skills are and which UX specialties are in the highest demand. All this info and more is wrapped up in one simple chart that you can pin to your bulletin board, save to a PDF, or store in whatever format works best for you.

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See our User Experience Jobs for a sample of current UX job opportunities or search all jobs.

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