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Over the past year, it has been our pleasure to release multiple infographic salary guides focusing on various segments of the digital marketing and creative industries. And what we learned is that the community loves this information! So we built this tool to allow professionals to search salary data for any location across the US. The results represent real-time data as obtained from actual hiring companies.

Note: Currently the tool is only constructed to search jobs within the PPC field to correspond to our most recent publication, the PPC Jobs Salary Guide. We hope to soon incorporate many of the other professions we staff within the digital marketing and creative space.

Search Salaries

Simply select your profession from the drop down menu and enter your desired location.

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Salary Results

The results of your search will yield the average salary for your selected profession and location as well as the national average. In addition, we'll graph the data for you as shown below.

Find A Job

If you are interested in a digital marketing or creative career in PPC, you should to search for a job on our site or fill out an online application and a recruiter from your market will contact you to discuss available opportunities.