Hungry for some delicious career advice? Then you’ve come to the right place because this edition of Onward Search‘s Job Seeker Soup is full of satisfying career guidance that will show your professional appetite who’s boss. Grab a seat and dig in!

During June, the Onward Search Twitter feed was peppered with articles that spoke to changes taking place in the interactive, Internet marketing and mobile development fields. Understanding what shapes the future of these industries and applying that knowledge to your career strategy is the best way to ensure a bright and shiny future for your career – one in which you’re ahead of your competition and landing the best jobs out there. So enjoy these future flavored links and don’t forget to tell me which article you find the most valuable!

Jun 1 – 5 Key Shifts Happening Right Now in the World of Digital Marketing

When the world of digital marketing evolves, savvy marketers are right there to catch the trends and use them to build the future of great marketing. Adam Ostrow provides a great summary here of Havas CEO David Jones’ remarks at Mashable‘s Connect Conference in which he points out specific trends in digital marketing that could lead you to the next stage of your marketing career.

Jun 7 – Why Persuasive Design Should Be Your Next Skill Set

This article by Loren Baxter on suggests that the future of the UX industry will rely heavily on the practice of persuasive design concepts that have long been used in marketing and advertising to influence user behaviors. If your user experience skill set doesn’t include any of the elements he points out, consider educating yourself and exploring the topic in your practice to remain on the cutting edge of this field.

Jun 10 – 5 Ways to Brainstorm for Creative Content

Creating fresh, relevant and engaging content on a regular basis isn’t always easy, but the most successful creative professionals find a way to break through those blocks and deliver. Michael Erin Strong from breaks down 5 simple, but essential and effective brainstorming techniques that will help you get past the slumps and keep the impressive ideas flowing throughout your career.

Jun 16 – Making and Maintaining Your Online Portfolio: Best Practices

Now that you’ve built a stunning portfolio of your best design skills and ideas, and you’ve learned how to present it perfectly, it’s time to keep working on it. As Hilde Torbjornsen points out in this article, applying these best practices to the continued development of your portfolio is an important investment in the future of your design success.

Jun 20 – 22 User Experience Factors to Consider Post-Panda

When Google implemented their Panda algorithm change this year, SEOs and marketers were forced to take a closer look at the quality of user experience and content their websites provide. With this list from Katie Meurin at KoMarketing Associates, you can examine your own websites and SEO practices to ensure they are up to par in the future (or at least until the next update shakes things up…)

That’s it for this edition of Job Seeker Soup. If you’re still hungry for more, contact the Onward Search recruiters. They happy to serve up tons of career advice AND connect you with the hottest job opportunities across the country.