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Extinguish Burnout in Your Marketing Team With These Fire-Fighting Tactics

If you’ve noticed members of your marketing team are moving a little more slowly these days, you’re not alone. New reports show that burnout among marketing departments is outpacing that of any other department in modern businesses today. Not only to marketers work, on average, more hours per week than their counterparts, they’re also more likely to experience spikes in workloads. If you’re having these kinds of problems, consider these tactics, such as using marketing freelancers to supplement your current team. (Business2Community)

Digital Marketing Changes Quickly: Trends to Watch This Year

Digital marketing continues to chip away at the rest of the overall marketing space. While traditional marketing, such as print, TV and radio, are still holding on to their shares of the larger marketing pie, digital marketing continues to eat away at these shares. As digital marketing grows, it’s important to keep an eye on the trends that are driving the space. Read on to learn about five trends you need to watch this year. (Forbes)

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How Artists Engineer Their Work to Mess With Our Minds

Design and art, today, are seemingly inseparable. Take a second and pick up the phone lying on your desk, and with a careful eye you can begin to see all the different intentions Apple’s (assuming you’re using an iPhone) design team had when crafting this piece of technology. As design continues to be driven by the end-user’s experience, it’s only logical that we’ll see designers begin to adopt techniques formerly only used by artist to influence their customer’s experience and behavior. In this thought-provoking piece, learn how artists today are manipulating their work using techniques every designer should consider. (WIRED)

Why UX Design for Machine Learning Matters

Machine learning might be one of the hottest topics for anyone working on digital products today, but machine learning itself is far from new. In fact, chances are you’ve been using machine learning for years–think autocorrect on your smartphone. But machine learning has come a long way since T-9 typing, and as it begins to mature, it’s capabilities are skyrocketing. In this important post, you’ll learn how the potential of machine learning will largely be determined by how closely it’s intertwined with UX Design. (CO.DESIGN)