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Here’s what we’re reading this week:

Why Understanding UX Design Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

The biggest business leaders today almost all got their start as bootstrap entrepreneurs. While there are a number of factors that contributed to their success, there is one thing many of them have in common: a deep appreciation and understanding of the importance of UX Design. In this post, learn how understanding and working with UX Designers can help you build a better business. (Observer)


5 Retailers That Have Made Experience Their Business

It’s all about the experience these days–if you’re a consumer that is. With more options than ever before around what to buy, how to buy it and where, it’s hard for businesses today to attract consumers in these sort of “me too” marketplaces. Having a great customer experience is key to success today, and no retailers do it better than these five. (Adobe’s CMO)


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5 Faces of the Gig Economy

With freelance work becoming more and more prevalent, the space is now finding itself increasingly under a microscope. As this study shows, the Gig Economy (which largely comprises freelancers) isn’t just made up of one type of worker. Read on to learn about the different types of freelancers that inhabit the Gig Economy today; and if you’d like to learn more about how staffing agencies like Onward Search vet freelancers to make sure you’re making the right hire, consider this blog here. (Small Business Trends)


EU Uncertainty to Boost Freelancers

Companies in the UK are in the precarious position of having to continue business as usual while their country negotiates its exit from the EU. As this process continues, one trend is starting to emerge: businesses are beginning to leverage freelancers at an unprecedented level, understanding that this temporary talent can help them drive revenue without the risk of bringing on full-time talent in an uncertain time. Read on. (Freelance : uk)
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