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We helped one of the world’s largest multimedia and entertainment conglomerates recruit 200+ experts for streaming service brands under tight budget limitations.



A lot of roles, a little resources and a need for fit.

With nearly a century of history and a portfolio of 25+ brands, our client is not just one of the nation’s largest multimedia and entertainment empires; it is one of the world’s best known and most valuable companies.

To scale new streaming service brands, our enterprise client had to hire teams of right-fit marketing, creative and tech talent for contract roles under tight budgetary restrictions. From streaming interface design to content creation and key art, the brand needed all kinds of niche expertise.

Each open role was different, but many of the company’s obstacles were often the same. The limited hiring budget, short-term contract needs, and emphasis on cultural alignment made every specialized talent search a multifaceted challenge. The enterprise turned to Onward Search due to our proven success recruiting marketers for the media giant’s many businesses including film studios, television networks, and more.



A lot of niche recruiters, teamwork and an eye for fit.

We began by identifying dedicated account managers who brought extensive entertainment industry experience. Then, we built a custom team of specialized recruiters to meet the brand’s niche talent needs. Over a series of strategy sessions, we gained a deep understanding of the brand culture, hiring problems, and talent priorities.

It quickly became clear that the company was looking for eager-to-learn team players with the soft skills to contribute. However, job-winning candidates needed to be a fit for the role and the brand. To recruit the right people, our recruiters had to understand the details of distinct job requirements and the nuanced differences between portfolios. 2D animators aren’t 3D animators, and not every designer is a presentation designer.

Our team closely studied the most common roles our client needed and built a pipeline of right-fit talent. Positioning every contract opportunity as a career move, we recruited over 200 experts for the company. From award-winning content to seamless digital experiences, our talent empowered our client to deliver against strategic their goals. Our efforts helped the brand scale its streaming services faster than most competitors and gain millions of subscribers in record time.


“There’s no other firm I’ve seen that suggests such perfectly matched candidates.”

 Creative Director, Onward Search Client



Relevant achievements and statistics to date:

  • Recruited 200+ hard-to-find hires for our client
  • Staffed 100+ roles for our client’s streaming service subsidiaries
  • Filled just under 40 open animator roles for critical client projects
  • Helped client hire talent for 10+ different brands
  • Built a network of 750,000+ experts in marketing and interconnected fields



Services that we provide to media & entertainment companies:

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-Hire
  • Direct Hire
  • Strategic Advisors
  • Project Teams



Specialty areas we leverage to support media & entertainment clients:

  • Accessibility
  • Content
  • Creative & Production
  • Experience Design
  • Gaming & Metaverse
  • Marketing 
  • Operations & PMO
  • Technology



Examples titles of roles we filled for our media & entertainment client:

  • Animators & Motion Graphics Designers
  • Art Directors, Graphic Designers & Presentation Designers
  • Display Media Associates
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Strategists
  • Media Planners
  • Metadata Operations Associates
  • Copywriters
  • Creative Producers
  • Front End Developers
  • PR Coordinators
  • UI, UX & Product Designers
  • Social Media Analysts & Coordinators
  • Video Editors & Preditors
  • Production Coordinators & Producers




We don’t just search; we solve.

Onward Search is a staffing and talent solutions company that specializes in creative, marketing and technology. We help companies hire expert talent, engage strategic advisors and build scalable teams.


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