Digital Design Career Resources

Web design has become an incredibly important skill set with more companies conducting business online than ever before. With that said, there’s an innumerable amount of resources available to web design professionals to help them improve upon their craft and better navigate the jobs market. The resources below aim to provide relevant and useful information about jobs in web design.

Digital Design Salary Information

There are a number of professional concentrations that fall under the umbrella of web design. As such, salaries for web designers can vary based on specialty or location, but are often in excess of $70K per year.

Top Locations for Digital Design Jobs / Digital Designer Salaries:

RankLocationAverage Salary
1New York, NY$90,237
2San Francisco, CA$89,348
3Jersey City, NJ$84,094
4Boston, MA$83,125
5Atlanta, GA$82,680
6Washington, DC$81,027
7Chicago, IL$79,569
8Houston, TX$74,679
9Charlotte, NC$71,568
10Seattle, WA$71,123

RankLocationAverage Salary
11 Los Angeles, CA$70,678
12Philadelphia, PA$69,345
13Dallas, TX$67,122
14San Diego, CA$66,678
15Portland, OR$64,455
16Denver, CO$63,122
17Austin, TX$62,233
18Orlando, FL$58,676
19Phoenix, AZ$58,676
20Minneapolis, MN$57,787

Digital Design Job Trends

Despite a decline from a five-year high in job demand, the number of opportunities for digital and web designers remains relatively high today, which demonstrates consistent demand for their skills and expertise.



Tools and Resources for Digital / Web Designers

From new creative trends and the latest design software updates, Web Designers need to keep up with their evolving industry just as much as they need to know the basics. The websites below offer a range of Web Design tools and resources to assist you in your day-to-day work.

  • Affinity: Dubbed “the photoshop killer,” this design editor packs in a ton of features missing from Adobe’s offering, like the ability to adjust images or vectors without damaging them.

  • Google Web Designer: This free resource takes the ease of use of Wix, combines it with the freedom and flexibility of WordPress and adds the power of Google–important for any SEO conscious web designer.
  • MorgueFile: A database of royalty-free images for you to use in your web design.
  • Aptana Studio: Helps you author HTML, CSS, Javascript and other important web design languages.
  • Webflow: An all-in-one web design platform that focuses on responsiveness.

Digital / Web Design Organizations

If you’re interested in networking with other web designers, or you just want to find those that share your love of web design, these organizations and groups will make it easy to connect with others.

Additional digital design resources