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For the majority of us, not a day goes by when we don’t interact with one or many smart devices. As such, mobile development professionals have become highly sought after talent. The resources below aim to provide mobile development professionals with the information they need to better navigate their evolving job market.

Mobile Development Salary Information

Salaries for mobile development professionals can vary but are often in excess of $85K per year, depending on the location.

Top Locations for mobile development Jobs / mobile developer Salaries:

RankLocationAverage Salary
10Charlotte, NC$86,315
1San Jose, CA$110,998
2New York, NY$109,358
3San Francisco, CA$108,577
4Jersey City, NJ$102,192
5Boston, MA$100,375
6Atlanta, GA$98,368
7Chicago, IL$96,469
8Washington, DC$96,360
9Houston, TX$90,220
RankLocationAverage Salary
11Seattle, WA$86,315
12Los Angeles, CA$85,534
13Philadelphia, PA$83,971
14Dallas, TX$82,018
15San Diego, CA$80,847
16Portland, OR$78,113
17Denver, CO$76,551
18Orlando, FL$71,473
19Minneapolis, MN$70,692
20Phoenix, AZ$67,177

Mobile Development Job Trends

The number of jobs for mobile development professionals has stayed relatively consistent, despite the natural peaks and valleys all professions experience. The demand for mobile developers is expected to remain high as the number of mobile devices per capita continues to skyrocket and outpace the world’s population.

mobile development job trends


Tools and Resources for Mobile Development Professionals

From new creative trends and the latest design software updates, Mobile Development professionals need to keep up with their evolving industry just as much as they need to know the basics. The websites below offer a range of Mobile Development tools and resources to assist you in your day-to-day work.

  • HockeyAppDistribute your beta and track analytics with this useful webapp.
  • POPAllows you to take paper and pen mockups and use them to easily create an app through a number of devices.
  • RunscopeA useful API proxy service for debugging your API calls.


Mobile Development Organizations

If you’re interested in networking with other mobile developers or you just want to find those that share your love of mobile development, these organizations and groups will make it easy to connect with others.

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