COVID-19 Response

Navigating the new way we do business.

Our Commitment to You

When I began my career with Onward Search in 2007, the mission of our company was to help connect top creative, marketing & tech talent with great companies. Today, that mission is more important than ever. Our nation, and our world, has encountered a once in a lifetime event that has left millions of people unemployed and our team is working harder than ever to help people get back to work.  We have proudly adapted everything we do in response to these circumstances and look forward to guiding our employees, candidates and clients through this new normal.
Mike Ondocin

Your Health and Safety

Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees, contractors, clients and partners.  We are diligently monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 across the globe so that we can make informed decisions in regard to the welfare of all of our stakeholders.
For the last decade, we have been caring for our employees and contractors with industry leading healthcare packages and 401k. We are committed to their wellbeing today and always. We encourage everyone in our network to practice safe guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and take advantage of the benefits offered to you when needed.
For information regarding your healthcare plan with Onward Search, please email

Supporting Our Clients


During these rapidly changing and unprecedented times, the stability and success of your business is of the most utmost importance to us.  We continue to offer our clients a full array of services and support.  Here are just some ways we can help you get back to business as usual:
On-Site or Remote Talent
As businesses adapt to this new normal, we are able to able to offer you on-site or remote talent based on how your company is operating. By choosing remote, you open yourself up to an even greater pool of candidates to match the needs of your position.
Remote Ready Assistance
If needed, we can help facilitate video interviews with potential candidates if your organization does not have such capabilities.  We can also assist candidates on a case-by-case basis who do not have the proper equipment or working environment.
Nationwide Service
With regional offices across the country and one of the largest databases of talent in the industry, we are equipped to service clients in all 50 states.
Business Continuity Solutions
We know how challenging it can be to manage your team in a constant state of change. If you are short staff for any reason, we can help support you with the right person or team of people to ensure your business continues to deliver against all of your project goals.

Supporting our Talent


We understand the challenges today’s job seekers are encountering. Our teams are working hard every day to uncover new opportunities to help you get back to work.  In the meantime, here are some things to consider as you prep for your next gig:
Update Your Resume and Portfolio
There is no better time than now to fine-tune your resume and/or portfolio.  As companies begin to hire again, the competition will be fierce, so be sure to set yourself up for success.
Learn and Educate
Consider taking that online class you’ve always wanted. If your lacking a particular skillset that has come up during interviews in the past, use this time to educate yourself.  In addition to numerous free online learning portals, Onward Search offers access to Udemy to our talent. Ask your recruiter if you would like to sign-up for a trial.
Build Connections
Reach out to your network. Whether you’re checking in with former colleagues or associates for professional or personal reasons, human connection is critical right now. People have never been more willing to connect with one another.
Practice Self-Care
Stress levels are at an all-time high as we face a new unknown. Make sure you’re prioritizing your own mental wellness. Set aside time for physical exercise, reading, reflection, or speaking with family and friends.

Advice from Our Blog

Here are a couple pieces from our blog about operating in a remote environment.

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