In a move to further monetize their business model, today Linkedin began a soft launch of their DirectAds program.  The DirectAds program will help boost Linkedin’s revenue numbers as they allow advertisers to directly target their users by age, gender, geography, educational institution, industry, and seniority.  The cost of the ads will be based on a CPM model, with minimum orders starting at $25.  This is big move in the right direction for Linkedin who last week received a valuation of $1 Billion.  As they rollout this program, it will be interesting to watch which companies are the first to take advantage of the program and which ones do it the best. 

This week Shari Thurow wrote an interesting article for Search Engine Land, “So You Think You’re a Search Engine Optimization Expert?”  In the article Shari reevaluated statements she had previously made as to what makes a true SEO expert.  Previously Shari had labeled copywriters as beginners and programmers as experts.  She decided to reevaluate her assessment, after realizing having a programmer write your copy was a potentially foolish mistake.  Shari leaves it open as to which side is more of an SEO expert, but points out true SEO experts are people who have a wide range of skills and knowledge.  If you are just a copywriter, you will be limited in what you are able to technically accomplish with you website, whereas if you are a programming wiz, you might have a hard time taking your target keywords and crafting the best possible message. 

Following the departure of several key executives and the upcoming partnership with Google, Yahoo! has reorganized their corporate structure to support their core strategies.  The new structure has created three new team which will report to Sue Decker, President of Yahoo!  The three new teams, an Audience Products Division, a US Region, and an Insights Strategy Team, have been created to streamline activities.  Jerry Yang has guaranteed the company is positioning itself to make some big moves in the near future to support their wide set of products, while others are speculating that the recent reorganization was done in order to pick up the pieces following the recent departures and the failed acquisition by Microsoft.

That it for this week.  Check back next Monday for another update.

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