Your mobile development resume might look a little different from an Internet marketer’s or a Web Analyst’s, but its purpose is the same: to help you land that job! Build your resume using these tips to score the best mobile app development jobs around!

Have A Different Objective

Writing a great mobile development resume should start with more than just, “To work as a mobile developer.” If you decide to use an objective in your resume, make sure it says a little more about you, your skills and your career goals. That information is a helpful way to introduce your professional brand to the reader and give you an edge over other developers in your market.

Show Off Your Skills

mobile-brandHiring managers often refer to a check list of skills their idea candidate should possess when they’re screening resumes so why not make their life a little easier? Put a well-formatted and up-to-date list near the top of your resume that includes of all the programming languages and platforms you’re an expert in. This will give a hiring manager exactly what they’re looking for up front as they review your resume.

List Achievements, Not Just Previous Jobs

The line that separates what you’re an expert at from what you have to offer can get blurry when it comes to your resume. When you’re listing out your previous work and experience, focus on what benefit or advantage was derived from your developments. For example, the app you developed for that fitness company was perfect and completed under deadline and under budget, but you want to focus on the 26% increase in customer referrals that it led to. Your skills and know-how are impressive, but the way you move a bottom line is even more interesting to a hiring manager.

Make Your Resume As Clean As Your Code

When you apply the same respect to your resume as you do to the final coding of your apps, you’re making your potential employers very happy. A well formatted and properly checked resume is a reflection of you and what can be expected from your work. Hiring managers love a resume that has the right grammar, length and readability because that makes their jobs that much easier.

Share A Little About Yourself

Don’t worry about taking a little extra space to share a few hobbies and interests on your resume. Your soon-to-be employer is making an investment by hiring you for this position or contract so let them know they’re making the right choice. Sharing an additional human element shows them you’re right for both the job and the broader company culture.

Now that your resume is tailored specifically for your dream job, and doesn’t look like every other generic resume template to land on a hiring manager’s desk, are you ready to move forward? When you follow the tips above, you should be getting calls in no time!

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