A job search can be downright scary. Thinking about the broader direction and momentum of your career can be frightening too. These facts of professional life are why you must read Johnny B. Truant’s recent blog post – Fear, the maze and freedom.

Johnny’s anecdotes about creativity, fear, risk and freedom offer an inspiring message that applies just as much to your career as it does to life in general:

Fear and risk aversion are excellent progress killers and sometimes you have to take the risky/uncomfortable/uncharted actions to make things better for yourself.

If your job isn’t satisfying at all or if your career is going no where, ask yourself why you might be stuck, then give SERIOUS consideration to the obstacles in your way. Are you “comfortable” where you are? Would you need more education/training/instruction to move forward? Are you totally lost and don’t even know where to begin?

There are solutions to each of these career roadblocks; some just require a little more courage and creativity to get past. Start thinking outside the box and imagine yourself “jumping over walls”. If you need help, ask for it. All the recruiters here at Onward Search can help you along the way whether it’s with a resume question, finding a new job opportunity, or advice about furthering your education.

Tell me; what’s holding you back?

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