The Internet is flooded right now with chatter, conjecture, questions and advice about using Google+. If you’re brand new to Google+ (let’s be honest, just about everyone is at this point), it might be tough to discern between noise and signal, good advice and opinionated puffery, especially when you’re trying to figure out how to get started with the new platform and how best to leverage it to advance your career.

To aid you in the process, I pulled together a list of helpful, straightforward and insightful articles about Google+ that will give you the instruction and clarification you’ve been looking for.

The Art of Getting Circled by Jon Henshaw is a list of incredibly simple and incredibly important points of advice about getting yourself set up properly on Google+. Make this article your first stop on the road to Google+ efficiency so you’ll be found by the right people and seen in the right light.

10 Google+ Tips You Should Know About by Tony Hue on LonePlacebo breaks down some of the less obvious options in Google+ that you’ll want to check out for privacy options, shortcuts and more. Kipp Bodnar published a similar and equally valuable list in the form of a Google+ Cheat Sheet on the HubSpot Blog, courtesy of Simon Laustsen.

10 Key Insights Into Google+ by Ayelet Noff on TheNextWeb is exactly what it sounds like – a solid list of things to consider about Google+; what it’s for, where it needs improvement and how it might evolve in the future.

Google+ Profile Optimization: Branding, SEO and Social Media Marketing by Virginia Nussey from Bruce Clay, Inc. is a guide on how Google+ can be used to optimize your personal brand (take notes job seekers!) and the brands of your clients.

Lastly, all job seekers need to know how to target potential employers and valuable network contacts during their job search. This article, How to Search for Google+ Profiles and Posts Using Chrome’s Search Engine Settings, on the Google+ Insider’s Guide, is a fantastic set of instructions for searching Google+ to hone in on the companies and profiles you want to connect with, and ideally, end up working for.

Interactive designers, Internet marketers, web developers, user experience pros and more can benefit from a well built and maintained Google+ presence, so now that you’re a little more informed about Google+, get out there and start using it! Build your circles, post content that reflects your professional interests and find the best job opportunities on this new social medium.

If you’ve found a particularly useful nugget of Google+ advice, don’t hesitate to share it here!