Hi everyone! Welcome back to our monthly edition of The Best of Twitter from Onward Search. July was a pretty kick-ass month to say the least. Google+ was still brand spanking new, all the OS offices were hitting up very cool events, and everyone was trying to beat the heat. And as always, we were loaded with fantastic job opportunities for interactive designers, Internet marketers and mobile developers.

If you’re not following everyone below, do yourself and your career a favor by changing that right now. Here are highlights of what I’m talking about. Enjoy!

PDX_JP More “fun” being home on the farm…being woken up at unGodly hour by chickens. Stay tuned…predicting chicken wings for lunch. 09:30 AM Jul 02 via Seesmic
franknicolia what a weekend in Chicago!!….now who needs a job?! 11:11 AM Jul 05 via web
jenleewal Soooo dead on. Published a few years ago, but always holds true. Read on – Why NOT to take a counter offer: http://lnkd.in/KdWspt 10:04 AM Jul 06 via LinkedIn
Leanne_Owens Staffing empire, almost complete, turn on ludicrous speed, ready for plaid. #in 01:45 PM Jul 06 via web
gmphilli Are you a technical Creative Manager with strong front end development skills? if so, I want to talk to you NOW! @gphillipsonwardsearch.com 12:04 PM Jul 11 via web
TimDineen The Responsibilities of SEO Have Been Upgraded | SEOmoz http://bull.hn/l/39NX/ 05:32 PM Jul 12 via Bullhorn Reach
Hcokeefe As a grammar nerd, and an online marketer, I celebrate this post! http://bit.ly/mVGMhf via @snarkandpepper 04:58 PM Jul 14 via Recruitics
abstrakt120 Google+ advice and insight from around the web http://bit.ly/pCkCgi 05:34 PM Jul 15 via TweetDeck
knowleshm do you designers out there agree??? http://lnkd.in/YDwceB 11:35 AM Jul 18 via LinkedIn
rtwpsu http://t.co/OVtl9Io – $120 fine for texting and walking in #philadelphia ? Can we get this in NYC please? 07:50 AM Jul 19 via web
Gaudielle Last week the OS Dallas team attended, sponsored and exhibited at a really cool UX, Mobile and Design event and you can…http://bit.ly/oQZ51Q 03:24 PM Jul 21 via LinkedIn
LisaLakeOnward Another great MoDev Meetup! Thank you everyone for coming and talking with us and enjoying the gathering. 10:00 AM Jul 22 via Facebook
knowleshm soooo…i got engaged over the weekend. 🙂 12:13 PM Jul 25 via web
needlinawebstak has an amazing opportunity for a web analyst with strong Omniture implementation experience in the South Bay. Inquire …http://lnkd.in/zrzCc5 01:22 PM Jul 25 via LinkedIn
terradehnert Two of our top LA clients are looking for web analysts! http://onwrd.us/j25333 http://onwrd.us/j25327 02:57 PM Jul 25 via LinkedIn
anniebonward Can’t wait for the #DFWIMA party @ the ballpark this Thursday! Thanks to The Corner Club I want have a heat stroke this year! U going too? 06:44 PM Jul 25 via LinkedIn
PDX_JP RT @dtboyd: A great roundup of UX articles from July for you designers and creatives http://bit.ly/qeULaW Great find Dylan. 01:43 PM Jul 26 via Seesmic
terradehnert Getting excited for #uxweek! Make sure to get your ticket for Nightlife at Academy of Sciences Thursday – sponsored by Onward Search! 05:18 PM Jul 27 via TweetDeck
JobrienO Onward Search is hiring for Front End Developers in Atlanta!!!!! Great opportunities!!! @ jobrienonwardsearch.com 10:57 AM Jul 28 via web
Sullyonward I won’t deny, the world of L.A.R.P appeals to me everyday 02:04 PM Jul 28 via web