Editor’s Note: The Onward Search holiday party was this past Wednesday, which got us to thinking: How would our favorite holiday character (Buddy the Elf) fare at a similar gather? Our OS Boston Team beat us to the punch and put together this great post on their regional blog www.digitalbostonblog.co. We loved our Operation Coordinator Allie Clark‘s blog so much, we decided to feature it here. Enjoy and keep an eye out for new posts on the Digital Boston Blog.


Oh, the office holiday party. Some look at it as a time to kick back and have some fun with co-workers and celebrate the past year’s success. Others dread it with a type of disdain normally reserved for dentist appointments and doing taxes. Whichever way you look at it, no one wants to be the office’s hot gossip the next day. I’ve compiled a list to help you get through the festivities with a little help from Buddy the Elf.

Offer to help with the planning


If you’re someone who dreads the annual holiday party, do something to change the pattern. You’ll earn some brownie points for taking the initiative and might even have some fun planning it.

Don’t arrive starving 


No one likes someone who is the human equivalent of a pigeon. Eat beforehand so you can enjoy yourself, rather than stare at the kitchen doors all night long.

Drink Responsibility


So we all have those stories about past office parties. You know the stories; the one where your co-worker danced on the table after having a few too many shots. Or the one where the person was fired the next day due to their behavior at the holiday party (true story, I’ve seen it happen). Don’t be that person. Know your limits and always remember while you might be at a party, it is still a work party. If you see a co-worker slipping into trouble, don’t just sit back and wait for the show–help them.

Dress to Impress


Now it doesn’t have to be a holiday sweater (those are overdone), but it should be something nice and festive that you wouldn’t wear to the office every day.

 Keep your secret Santa gifts appropriate


Keep gift giving choices appropriate. If there are rules, follow them–especially when it comes to price. Have fun with it but try your best not to embarrass co-workers (even though the temptation is there).

Be Grateful


Remember that a lot of time and planning goes into having a party. Thank the hosts of the party and be grateful. Everyone likes to be appreciated.


And remember: Have some fun…


and don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins!


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