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Here’s what we’re reading this week:

UX: Invest or Get Left Behind

If the golden rule says you should treat others the way you want to be treated, then the golden rule of UX is no doubt to treat your users the way you’d want to be treated. That said, if you’re not investing in good UX design, you could be creating an unpleasant interaction between your brand and your target audience. In this article, you’ll get an in depth look at how a failure to invest in quality design could negatively impact your business. (Business 2 Community)

9 Best Practices For Making Experience Your Business

Interactions between brands and consumers have become more intimate over the years, in that the transaction has seemingly become less important than the experience. With this trend in mind, businesses are beginning to increase their investments in areas like design and customer service. To learn more about how businesses are bettering their customer experiences, CMO reached out to marketing leaders to get their input. (Adobe CMO)

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6 Interesting Social and Mobile Stats From [Last] Week

If you’re business doesn’t have a presence on social media or lacks a mobile-first mentality, then you might be losing ground to your competition. Social media and mobile devices represent the front lines of commerce today, and these stats from last week clearly illustrate why investing in social marketing isn’t just important–it’s a must. (AdWeek)

How to Create a Freelance Culture in Your Startup

The startup lifestyle is all about the hustle. After all, once a great idea starts rolling, it’s hard not to want to take it full sprint across the finish line. One obstacle that stands in the way of most startups is a lack of manpower. While freelancers can easily remedy this problem, with all that’s going on in a startup, it can be easy to overlook culture. Here, learn how to create a great freelancing culture at your startup to help you get the most out of your temp workforce. (Forbes)
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