Why Accessible Means Successful

In 2022, digital accessibility is not just an option; it’s an obligation. In the two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began, digital activity increased exponentially worldwide, along with the difficulties that the disabled community faces each day. Companies across the globe are responding to the new normal with a newfound emphasis on accessibility initiatives. Our CPACC-certified recruitment specialists have seen firsthand the rise in demand for talent who specialize in the accessibility space.

This increasingly hot topic is more than just a trend; it’s an ethical duty, a legal requirement, and a proven strategy for operational success. Here’s why digital accessibility should be a top priority for your company in 2022 and beyond:


1. Social Responsibility

Accessibility is not just a means to profitability; it’s a matter of human decency. All businesses have a social responsibility to be inclusive of all people. Optimizing your digital assets means removing barriers to access, including individuals equally, and empowering those with disabilities to live the everyday life so many take for granted.

2. Legal Compliance

As the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers digital accessibility, non-compliant websites and mobile applications can lead to lawsuits for businesses of all sizes. Each suit could cost a business up to $350,000, and the number of digital accessibility lawsuits has increased by 300% since 2018. Today, more than one is filed every hour.

3. Market Reach

Inaccessible assets fail to reach over a billion prospective customers. 1 in 4 U.S. adults and over 15% of the world are estimated to live with a disability, and 1.3 billion people are affected by blindness or disabling visual impairment alone. The global disabled community is estimated to be a 1.2 trillion dollar market.

4. User Experience

Best accessibility practices are also best usability practices and best digital design practices. Optimization elevates digital experiences, benefiting individuals with and without disabilities. For example, accessibility features such as assistive technologies offer flexible ways to interact with digital assets that all users can appreciate.

5. Brand Loyalty

Accessibility initiatives serve as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion measures. Such priorities can directly impact a brand’s reputation, customer loyalty, and ultimately, revenue. A Mckinsey report shows that ⅔ of America takes a brand’s social values into consideration, and those numbers are steadily increasing.


When it comes to digital accessibility, the right thing to do is also the right thing for you because accessible also means moral, legal, and successful. So, expand your DEI program, and ensure your website is ADA compliant. Connect with previously untapped audiences within and outside of the disabled community. Upgrade your user experience for all, and empower everyone who visits your digital assets to access them.



We specialize in inclusivity and accessibility.

As a specialized staffing agency and solutions provider, we understand accessibility needs in ways that others don’t to fill the roles that others can’t. Our IAAP-certified specialists also perform accessibility audits, build elite teams, and manage strategic projects.

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