Interviewing Checklist and Guidelines

Getting a call for an interview means that your resume and your online brand did their job; now it’s time to seal the deal. Follow this ultimate interview checklist and you’ll glide through the process with the confidence needed to win over any hiring manager.


Before The Interview

The Ultimate Interview ChecklistPrepare for the tough questions
    • What are your professional weaknesses?
    • Why did you part ways with your last employer?
    • Describe a time when you fell short of goals or expectations.
    • What drives you in your career?
    • Of which accomplishments are you the most proud?
    • If it comes up, are you prepared to discuss salary and compensation?


Prepare your own questions
    • How does this role interact with other departments?
    • What are the biggest goals and expectations you have for the person who fills this role?
    • Is the department/environment more team-oriented or individually driven?
    • Does the company support/encourage continuing education in relevant areas?


Take care of the following the night before
    • Ensure your outfit is clean and ironed if needed.
    • Copies of your resume are printed and ready to transport in a portfolio or folder.
    • You are familiar with the route you’ll take to your interview, including traffic patterns around the time of your arrival.
    • You know exactly who you’re meeting with, what their title is, and as much about their role in the company as possible.


During The Interview

Arrive 5 minutes early at the very least, but no more than 15
    • Use the time to breathe and review your questions and responses.
    • Look around and make note of your surroundings (office décor often speaks volumes about the company.)
    • Leave a good impression with the person in reception or the front office (It never hurts and it often helps.)


Set yourself at ease and others will follow
    • A solid handshake with eye contact is essential.
    • Make sure your body language is friendly and forward facing.
    • Don’t forget to smile, breathe, and blink (It helps put the interviewer at ease too.)
    • Answer questions with just enough information and stop talking when you make your point.
    • Take a few notes and ask for a minute if you need it. Yes, this is totally allowed during an interview.
    • If it’s relevant, bring up a recent piece of industry news or commentary.
    • Keep track of everyone’s names, whether you meet the person or they are mentioned as part of the interview.


After The Interview

    • Remember that the interview doesn’t really stop until you’ve left the company’s property (“I’ll walk you out/to your car.”)
    • Send a note to every single person you shook hands with as soon as possible.
    • Recap the highlights of the interview in your Thank You follow-up notes.
    • Thank your interviewer for meeting with you.
    • Reiterate your interest in the position.
    • Remind them of why you are the best person for the job.
    • Express interest in meeting/speaking again in the near future and offer times when you are available.


Be patient
    • Give them at least few business days before you start worrying about a response.
    • If you haven’t heard anything after a week, reach out politely and suggest another meeting/conversation on a specific date.


When you do hear back, refer to this check list again as needed. With this checklist, a lot of preparation and a healthy dose of confidence, interviewing for your next dream job will be a breeze!

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