Copywriting Career Resources

The job market for copywriting professionals seems to be constantly changing as more and more companies look toward content to drive inbound traffic and leads. The resources below can help copywriting professionals better navigate this ever-changing job market.

Copywriting Salary Information

Salaries for copywriting professionals can vary, but are often in excess of $56K per year, depending on the location.

Top Locations for Copywriting Jobs / Copywriter Salaries:

RankLocationAverage Salary
1New York, NY$72,760
2San Francisco, CA$71,305
3Jersey City, NJ$70,342
4Washington, DC$68,837
5Boston, MA$66,111
6Chicago, IL$65,395
7Atlanta, GA$64,789
8Houston, TX$61,953
9Charlotte, NC$59,495
10Seattle, WA$59,003

RankLocationAverage Salary
11Los Angeles, CA$58,511
12Philadelphia, PA$57,036
13Dallas, TX$56,053
14San Diego, CA$55,069
15Portland, OR$53,594
16Denver, CO$52,611
17Austin, TX$51,628
18Orlando, FL$48,677
19Minneapolis, MN$48,186
20Phoenix, AZ$45,727

Copywriting Job Trends

Aside from typical fluctuations, copywriting jobs are consistently high over the last five years. As more and more organizations continue to build upon their digital presences, and become more content driven, copywriters can expect demand for their positions to remain steady, if not increase, in the coming years.

copywriting career resources


Tools and Resources for Copywriting Professionals

Copywriting professionals need to keep up with their evolving industry just as much as they need to know the basics. The websites below offer a range of Copywriting tools and resources to assist you in your day-to-day work.

  • Hemingway EditorThis online editor helps you hone Hemingway’s writing style by grading your copy based on concision, readability and a number of other factors.
  • CopyscapeDetermine whether any content on a given webpage has been duplicated elsewhere on the web.
  • Creative CommonsAllows you to search a number of databases, such as Google Images and Flickr, for CC licensed work.
  • SEO Book Keyword Research ToolFree keyword ideas and suggestions, ranked by performance.
  • Google DriveA free, cloud-based office suite that allows you to take your documents with you anywhere you go that has an internet connections. Most importantly, Google Drive saves changes to your docs automatically, as you write.


Copywriting Organizations

If you’re interested in networking with other copywriting professionals, or just want to find those that share your love of copywriting, these organizations and groups will make it easy to connect with others.

Additional copywriting resources