This Week In Search Marketing Staffing – 9/8/08

Last week, BusinessWeek reported that Tech Jobs Fare Better Than Most Jobs in Slump.  Unemployment just hit a new 5-year low dropping to 6.1 percent from 5.7, but the tech sector is still showing continued growth.  While some tech companies have slowed their hiring during the current economy, overall companies in computer and electronic manufacturing increased the number of workers on staff by more than 5000 in July and August.  Companies within the tech sector who are developing tools to allow businesses to run more efficiently are doing especially well and are allowing other would-be-struggling companies to maintain growth.  With other industries outside of technology, such as healthcare and government, still demanding more tech professionals to meet their growth, the tech industry is fairing very well during this economy.
Expect to see some new improvements to both CNBC and Linkedin in the coming months.  Late last week, Linkedin Partnered with CNBC, to share content and integrate news within the two sites.  Currently they are still developing the new ways that they will support each other, but CNBC has already added a Linkedin section to their website and has run their first poll, which surveyed how people feel about their job security.  This new partnership should really help Linkedin maintain its current growth and become more of an everyday tool for more people.
If you are currently in the job hunt, and you are looking for more tools to help support your search, check out’s list of the Top 50 Web 2.0 Tools for Job Seekers.  The list contains a lot of great web 2.0 sites ranging from social news and networking to directories and data collectors.  I’m not sure how someone might use Pandora to find their next job, but this list is definitely worth checking out to see if you have missed any good resources.
In the first post on Search & Social, Dave Synder took the opportunity to stress the Importance of Continued Education in SEO.  Dave gives his advice as to how to continue building your SEO education:
1)Assess Your current SEO level
2)Add 5-10 blogs within your level to your RSS reader
3)Ask questions in your social networks
These are really essential ways to make SEO education a constant part of your career.  Dave also mentions that he is focused on making Search & Social an educational resource for search marketers, with conferences as well as a search marketing study groups.  I look forward to good things coming out of Search & Social and expect them to help move search marketing forward.