This Week In Search Marketing Staffing – 1/21/09


Are you addicted to twitter, MySpace, and facebook?  Did you receive a Harvard education?  Any chance Womanizer is on repeat in the background right now?  If you answered yes to all these questions, then maybe you should look into becoming Britney Spears’ new media manager.  Apparently the pop princess is looking for someone to manage her online presence and keep her current comeback in full swing.  The job posting, which was originally posted on a private Harvard-only job board, calls for a social media addict to take ownership of Britney’s online identity and to engage her following.  So if you fit the qualifications, this could be your ultimate job opportunity.

Because of the short supply of SEO professionals, recruiting top talent can be very difficult.  Last week, Richard Baxter, of SEOGadget, posted a great article titled How to Recruit an SEO.  Richard describes how by being smart about each step of the hiring process, you can improve the candidates that you attract and be sure to lock down the candidate that fits perfectly with your company.  Richard focuses on four areas of the recruitment process:

  1. Creating the job description and job advertisements
  2. Placing the ads in the right spots and with the right recruiter
  3. The interview
  4. Salaries/Offers

It can be hard to lock down good SEO talent these days, so if you want to make sure you aren’t wasting time and missing opportunities, take a look at Richard’s article.

Maximizing your use of the internet, can really let you set yourself apart from others when looking for your next job.  Dan Schawbel, of Mashable, recently put together a good article on HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume.  By establishing a strong online presence, you can easily exhibit your strengths and skills to the world and attract employers to seek you out.  Dan’s process to creating the ultimate social media resume is:

  1. Start with a website or blog
  2. URL is key (think
  3. Decide on the format and design
  4. Enhance your resume with multimedia
  5. Integrate your social media profiles
  6. Make your resume shareable

If you are currently developing your social media resume I would definitely suggest looking at Dan’s post, which goes into detail about how each step should be tackled and perfected.

One of the best ways to strengthen your job security is to expand your skill set in order to make yourself indispensable.  Gino, of You The Designer, recently posted a list of the top 5 Complimentary Skills to Graphic Design.  By developing your abilities in new skills, you will be able to improve your job security, and will likely be able to demand a higher paycheck.  Gino’s list includes

  1. Web Design
  2. Illustration
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Blogging

With all these skills at your disposal, you will not only have job security, but will likely be sought after by a number of companies.

That’s it for this week, check back next week for another update.