Onward Search: The Best of Twitter 10/15/10


Happy Friday! Are you excited for the latest edition of The Best of Twitter from Onward Search? You should be because this week the team gave the Twitterverse updates about self-driving cars, annoying Halloween songs, bull-riding and of course, stories of happiness and excitement from candidates who have successful interviews. These recruiters connect talented folks with the best job opportunities out there AND they have a great time doing it. What’s not to love about a combination like that?

reillyodonnell neighbors singing show tunes…bad way to start a saturday 03:30 PM Oct 09 via tGadget
TimDineen However it works, I’m looking forward to owning a self-driving car. Is there a waiting list? :) 12:57 PM Oct 10 via web
jenleewal I am out here for you. You don’t know what it’s like to be ME out here for YOU. It is an up-at-dawn, pride swallowing siege… 01:17 PM Oct 11 via web
jenleewal CLARIFICATION on previous posting…that is the line in Jerry Maguire preceding the “Help me help you” deal. I was simply quoting a movie.… 02:56 PM Oct 11 via LinkedIn
reillyodonnell It was clear skys in ct when I left…now it is thunder, lightning, hail, and a delayed football game in NYC 09:13 PM Oct 11 via Twitter for iPhone
ktenmjones Damn #monstermash song is still stuck in my head w @Ash_Kara face. I must find another song soon to replace or i’ll go monster crazy 2day! 08:31 AM Oct 12 via web
JRestaino ‘The Age of Experience Design’ – Great #UX article passed my way this morning by @jdnoble77 12:38 PM Oct 12 via TweetDeck
jenleewal Livin’ the dream… 04:14 PM Oct 12 via web
reillyodonnell I wouldn’t have assumed he was homeless…until I saw him put a cigarette butt he picked up off the sidewalk into his mouth 09:54 PM Oct 12 via Twitter for iPhone
Leanne_Owens Love it when a colleague runs to @Starbucks for the team and gets every order 100% right! Thanks @MeganPTierney 03:23 PM Oct 13 via web
Leanne_Owens Talent called me on his way back from an interview so excited about his meeting! I love it when that happens (+it happens a lot!) 03:26 PM Oct 13 via web
TimDineen AOL attempting to buy Yahoo while Microsoft is attempting to buy Adobe. What is the world coming to? 11:28 PM Oct 13 via web
yzsusand Acupuncture ROCKS it! So what if it took 12 needles to get there ; ) 01:09 AM Oct 14 via Twitter for BlackBerry®
MeganPTierney @onwardsearch The Rick Astley Pandora Station….Doug and TIm are FANTASTIC. 09:27 AM Oct 15 via web
reillyodonnell bull riding in times square today? whose coming with? 11:03 AM Oct 15 via tGadget
ktenmjones Moving by yourself sucks :( #sympathy 01:46 PM Oct 15 via web
JRestaino Need a hand??? RT @ktenmjones: Moving by yourself sucks :( #sympathy 01:49 PM Oct 15 via TweetDeck

@ktenmjones, I feel your pain as I recently started packing for a move at the end of the month. (Let’s swap horror stories, shall we?)

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