Job Seeker Soup: Popular Peppered Potluck


Variety is the spice of life and this delicious serving of Job Seeker Soup from Onward Search is seasoned just right! Join me for some yummy career and job search advice, won’t you?

Usually, I create the Job Seeker Soup recipe based on a theme from the most interesting tweets on the @onwardsearch Twitter stream, but last month was a little different. The top tweets from August only had one thing in common: they all provided wonderful career advice for interactive designers, UX professionals, Internet marketers, and job seekers of all backgrounds. So grab a napkin and dig in to this delightful and diverse spread of popular career advice potluck!

Aug 2 – 17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Tamar Weinburg shares advice, tips and even secrets from some of the sharpest minds in Social Media in this post on Techipedia. Whether you work in Social Media, or just use it as you network during your job search, this is a must read and book mark list.

Aug 5 – Make Sure Your Passion For Work Is Productive

We’ve all had those days, weeks, (maybe even years?) when a little workaholism creeps in and takes over, but when your work-life balance gets too far out of whack, your productivity will suffer. Check in on these helpful tips from Dawn Foster on to make sure your passion for work isn’t an obsessive one.

Aug 9 – 7 Steps to a Kick-Ass UX Portfolio: Your Career As a Design Problem

If your UX portfolio isn’t everything it could or should be, why not apply all those user experience lessons you’ve learned to improving it? Will Evans shows you how to do exactly that in this great UX Magazine post.

Aug 15 – Online Marketing Salaries – Are You Above Average?

David Geddes from Web Analytics World posed an excellent question about online marketers that I just had to share: has the continued demand for skilled online marketers preserved, if not lifted, their salaries? The results here are worth noting if you are negotiating your own salary for a new online marketing job.

Aug 27 – Weekly Inspiration: 14 Beautiful Websites Designed in WordPress – N.31

Web designers will benefit from this inspirational post by Julio A. Rivera, founder of Underworld Magazines. These 14 great websites were all designed in WordPress which makes updating and maintaining a personal portfolio site much easier than dealing with HTML and/or CSS.

Aug 29 – Seven Lessons We’ve Learned From Steve Jobs

Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer breaks down some Steve Jobs wisdom that job seekers, designers, marketers and developers can all apply to their careers and pursuits. Apply these lessons in your job search, your projects and with your customers to achieve your own Apple-style success.

Thanks for joining me here for edition of Job Seeker Soup! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have suggestions for future recipes, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’m always on the look out for fresh ingredients to bring you the best career advice out there!