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Job Seeker Soup: Tasty Techniques and Tips

Welcome back to Onward Search‘s Job Seeker Soup, the most delicious bowl of career advice on the web. This serving is made from only the finest job search and career advice articles, chosen specifically for their distinctive Interactive, Internet marketing and mobile app development career flavors.

Many of the articles that came through the Onward Search Twitter feed last month focused on either a list of tips or the study of techniques that will help with your creative, marketing or mobile dev career. Just in case you missed all the valuable instruction the first time through, here are the highlights. Let me know which of the tips and techniques you found the most useful. Enjoy!

Mar 9th – Resignation Etiquette Tips

When it’s time to move from one job to another, you don’t want to forget the basics of resignation etiquette. Alison Doyle of is an expert at putting all elements of the job search into perspective with simple, straight-forward advice and guidance. Resignation is still part of the job search so don’t start saying goodbye until you’ve checked out all these tips.

Mar 14th – Understanding the Elements of Responsive Web Design

Users are accessing websites through all sorts of mediums these days, so naturally, Web Designers are keeping up by making their designs more “responsive”. This neat article by Jason Gross over at covers the 3 elements that make a web design responsive and the techniques you need to know to achieve that responsiveness.

Mar 17th – 7 Basics to Create a Good Design Brief

All you creative folks out there know that a design brief is important to the success of your project, so if you need a refresher (or perhaps an introduction?) on what makes a brief effective, this article from Cameron Chapman at is for you.

Mar 21st – 2 Questions Your SEO Provider Should Be Asking

At first glance I thought this article was just for clients, but Hugo Guzman is offering a fantastic bottom line lesson that all SEO practitioners should remember if they want to keep the business rolling in. When you get how “SEO translates into cold hard cash,” you’re in the right mind-set.

Mar 22nd – How to Win the iPhone App Popularity Contest

I really liked the party analogy Matthew Palmer used for this article. Gaining attention, reviews and downloads for a newly published app can be nerve-wracking for developers so Matthew’s advice, styled in excellent soiree terms, is fun and super helpful.

Mar 29th – Understand the Business of UX… It’s Your Job

This article from Lis Hubert at makes great a connection between learning more about the budgeting of UX design projects and keeping your UX design ideas from being shot down. The more you apply a holistic understanding of business budgets to your designs, the more often your proposals will be green-lighted.

Well that was delicious and I’m so glad you could join me for another serving of Job Seeker Soup! Is my recipe missing something? Let me know. Leave a comment with your most valuable, educational, or inspiring spoonful of web advice so I can include it next month’s mix.

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