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7 Tips to Hire UI/UX Talent When Everyone is Hiring

7 tips to recruit top ux designers

UI/UX is not just the future of marketing; it’s the present. For every $1 spent on UI/UX, $100 is now made in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%, which explains why there are currently 23,000+ UI/UX openings listed on LinkedIn in the US alone. In a post-pandemic world, UI/UX is more pertinent and the hiring landscape is more competitive than ever before.

Yet, you can step ahead of the fierce competition if you can tailor your hiring practices to the needs of the market. Here are some insider tips from our talent acquisition specialists to help you acquire your next UI/UX hire.

1. Define the project, not just the skillset.

Different brands require different UI/UX projects with varying priorities. Communicate yours quickly and clearly to secure the talent you seek. Clarity not only sets expectations and eliminates questions; it inspires action. So, explain the responsibilities of the role, the project goals, the company identity, and the team’s structure to paint a perfect portrait of the person you need.

2. Act quicker than the market.

When talent’s only on the market for 2 weeks, companies need to think faster than others can hire. Strive to shorten the interview process to 5 business days by scheduling quickly and removing any rounds you can afford to go without. Avoid analysis paralysis and all unnecessary steps along the process to place top UI/UX talent on the fast-track.

3. Prequalify candidates.

When the wrong UI/UX candidates are mixed in with the right ones, you risk elongating the process and losing talent to the competition. Don’t delay when time is of the essence. Partner with a staffing agency to ensure your candidates are qualified before you take even a moment to evaluate them.

4. Forget the tests and test projects.

Mandated testing can be a time waster and a deal-breaker for senior UI/UX professionals. Consider asking for past work instead. Eliminate tests and test projects from the process whenever possible, and pay talent for their time if such a test is essential to you. The less difficult the application process is, the more qualified candidates you can access.

5. Keep your interviewers informed.

The questions interviewers ask matter as much as the answers they look for. This means your interview panel’s level of expertise should rival your candidate’s. Beyond knowledge of the UI/UX space, interviewers should have an understanding of the user experience that you aim to create and the technical challenges your new hire may face.

6. Don’t ask for too much.

Too many qualifications can leave you with too few options in a tight talent market. Be realistic when crafting your job description. Never demand any one person do more than one person’s work. Choose your 5 must-haves and lose any nice-to-haves from your requirements. Always be open to candidates growing into the role.

7. Remember that salaries end searches.

According to Glassdoor, salaries are the leading motivator among job seekers. Consider the demand when you craft your offer. Leave room for negotiation. Review salary guides like this one for a good place to start. And remember that recruitment specialists can be valuable guides as you navigate shifting standards.


While the UI/UX market is highly competitive, you can get ahead of the curve if you avoid the common pitfalls. Set your scope as wide as possible without sacrificing any qualities you deem essential. Give your job seekers all the details they need for the job. Speed up your process when the market demands it. Never request unnecessary tests. Always select interviewers, candidates, and salaries carefully to set your search up for success. Don’t let the rise in UI/UX demand cause a decline in your UI/UX talent. Align your brand’s hiring policies with the best hiring practices to acquire your next hire.



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