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Salary Comparison Guides & Infographics

UX Jobs Salary Guide

Creating an optimal user experience is the hottest trend in web design, making UX professionals some of the most sought after talent on the market. Learn how much your skills can earn you.

PPC Jobs Salary Guide

Getting behind the wheel with a company that understands the value of the PPC marketplace is the key. This guide shows where the demand, and salary, is best for launching a great career.

Social Media Jobs Salary Guide

As digital marketing becomes increasingly social, and SEO becomes more heavily founded on social signals, it drives a broadened industry for social media. See where they "get it"!

Digital Creative Jobs Salary Guide

Do you brand yourself as a web designer or a front-end developer? This infographic bares all on which digital creative jobs are bringing in the salary you're looking for.

SEO Jobs Salary Guide

Those who can keep up with the ever-evolving world of SEO are in high demand in technology based companies nationwide. Our visual guide reveals where the jobs are needed most.

User Experience Career Guide

Often underestimated, the value of a talented UX designer is pivotal to the success of any digital design endeavor. Our infographic presents a complete breakdown of the industry.