SEO Careers 101

So, you want to learn more about developing a career in SEO? This is the best place to start! We’ve summarized the basics of a career in SEO here so you can know more about what it takes to start your own.

Why SEO Matters

The value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to modern day business is immeasurable. Keyword enhanced content and carefully structured websites make it possible for customers to find the products and services they need when using major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN. SEO professionals are highly sought after to improve a website’s search relevancy because it ultimately leads to more traffic. This provides unmatched return on investment for businesses who seek to reach more customers online. SEO jobs remain one of the hottest and fastest growing segments because companies recognize how vital SEO is to their success and continually seek talented professionals to help them reach their goals.

A recent study demonstrated that over 95% of search engine traffic for the observed companies came from the first page of results. More evidence shows that only 32% of users click through on the second page of results and a mere 7% click through on page three. Herein lies the value SEO professionals bring to the table. Their goal is to expertly optimize a website’s content and structure so it appears on the first page of search engine results for specific keywords. Alternatively, if a first page rank isn’t achievable SEO’s make the website’s search result as appealing as possible to target users who explore beyond the first page. A properly executed SEO strategy is a mixture of art and science and these professionals are shaping the way companies and consumers interact online.

Working in SEO

The day-to-day job for an SEO professional primarily revolves around three areas: Optimizing websites with keyword rich content, developing and executing linking strategies that increase page rank and tracking/monitoring the performance of their efforts across all major search engines. Some SEOs may focus on one of these areas more than others, but an expert in the industry maintains a solid understanding of all aspects of SEO and their approach to optimizing any website will reflect that. With the majority of all online traffic originating from search engines, it’s no wonder SEO jobs are still on the rise and these professionals so highly coveted.

There exists a wide variety of SEO jobs ranging from entry level SEO coordinators to Directors and Specialists of search engine optimization. Whether your career is just beginning to take shape or you are an established professional in the industry, Onward Search will match your skills and ambitions to opportunities that fit your personal experience and professional goals. Start working with Onward today to develop and fortify your Search Engine Optimization career.

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Search Engine Optimization Job Responsibilities

This is a list of responsibilities commonly associated with SEO jobs. Tip: use the keywords and phrases you find in job descriptions when writing your resume to improve your chance of getting noticed.

  • Develop keyword strategies
  • Eliminate duplicate content issues
  • Develop / improve information architecture
  • Manage link building and baiting
  • Design search engine friendly code
  • Edit copy and tag sets for desired keyword
  • Measure and analyze website ranking and traffic
  • Improve usability and website design

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