Ah, Friday… So much to look forward to! The weekend, the relaxing, the fun… and of course, The Best of Twitter from Onward Search! The OS tweets this week were fun and insightful as usual: Leanne is still poking fun at Jonathan, Tim is psyched about his growing celebrity, and Courtney is contemplating a potentially hazardous social event. We also have a brand new face in our line up from our new D.C. office. Can you guess who it is?

jmwebgeek Sitting in my backyard pondering with a couple of guinnesses at my side 12:20 AM Aug 8th via Samsung Mobile
Leanne_Owens Best quote ever, my co worker just said ” I could eat Jello Pudding to this, ” in reference to a song on our iPod playlist. #in 1:49 PM Aug 9th via web
jenleewal Devastated this morning to finish the #SookieStackhouse box set – Elated for my Kindle to tell me there is a book 9! The saga continues! 9:40 AM Aug 10th via web
CourtneyDavis I had a Power Bar for breakfast, so watch out Twitter-verse I’m pumped with energy and ready to find people JOBS! 10:36 AM Aug 10th via web
reillyodonnell im really not sure what possessed me to start listening to Cave In again, and although I’m not sure how i feel about it…i cant stop 5:25 PM Aug 10th via TwitterGadget
TimDineen Join me at Recruitfest for SEO discussions and more “RecruitFest! Welcomes Tim Dineen as Track Leader” http://bit.ly/apU4eU 1:56 PM Aug 11th
Leanne_Owens I hate being out of the office. Not because I am a slave to my job (well, I am)..it’s cuz I know @Jrestaino is plotting something evil. 8:29 PM Aug 11th via web
TimDineen I have to admit, I like the “Who to follow” function here. I’m following some I should’ve been following all along. 12:35 AM Aug 12th via web
JRestaino Downloaded a ton of Slash and Black Keys tunes last night, yes I will be playing air guitar at my desk all day, shredding! 11:45 AM Aug 12th via TweetDeck
CourtneyDavis I’d like to be cloned. 12:24 PM Aug 12th via web
Ash_Kara “coloring outside the edges”…..ummmm that’s scribbling 1:20 PM Aug 12th via web
cindy_caldwell How to reinvent yourself in a kooky economy. Step 1: Figure out what you’re good at & love doing. Step 2: Don’t quit your day job–yet. 2:12 PM Aug 12th via web
Leanne_Owens Wow, my eyeballs are itchy. Need more antihistamine meds stat. Chase with a redbull to counteract the drowsiness. stroke is imminent. 2:23 PM Aug 12th via web
CourtneyDavis Just received a party evite in which the host stated there will be a real life tiger in attendance…I’m both scared and intrigued. 5:19 PM Aug 12th via web
ken_clark I’m feeling a little like Rip Van Winkle. Let’s see if I can remember how this Twitter thing works. 12:31 AM Aug 13th via web

(Hi Ken, welcome back! Great to see you on Twitter again!)

I’m looking forward to introducing the entire D.C. team so watch for a special Office Spotlight post coming up. If you aren’t already following this fun crew of exceptional recruiters, I highly recommend it. How else are you going to find out if Courtney succeeded in cloning herself or if she ended up meeting that tiger?

Check out the @onwardsearch list “Our Team” to follow everyone featured here and more. I guarantee you’ll  be entertained, and updated on all the latest jobs we’re working on.

I’ll see you back here next week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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