Hello Onward Search fans! Who else is excited that May is finally here? Spring has definitely sprung among all the Onward Search offices and The Best of Twitter: April Highlights is a great way to catch up with how everyone is celebrating the fresh new season. Leanne is adjusting her spring wardrobe, Rose is hitting the gym and Andrea is happily welcoming the coming signs of summer.

Check out what Onward Search was tweeting about during April, and take a look at all the newest jobs in Interactive, Internet marketing and mobile development. We have the best jobs popping up like flowers here so you can enjoy a fresh bloom of spring opportunities without the annoying hay fever!

Jphilip323 is looking for the sickest digital designer or art director in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Must have worked at R/GA, Razorfish, AKQA, Code and T… 06:53 PM Apr 01 via LinkedIn
Leanne_Owens Wearing way too much leather today for this rain. Bad fashion choices at their finest. 03:49 PM Apr 04 via web
JRestaino Learnability more important that usability? Sometimes its true, check out when and why. Good post: http://bit.ly/fwehO0 #ux 12:13 PM Apr 05 via TweetDeck
TimDineen Great to see you @stuntdubl to hear what you’re up to and how you’re helping train our industry! – much needed via @marketmotive etc 11:30 PM Apr 08 via Twitter for iPhone
anniebonward LOVE your Job Search! http://bit.ly/er6baR 03:22 PM Apr 11 via LinkedIn
AndreaGuerrero Sending out another referral bonus ~ Happy Tuesday, here’s your $500! Just like Publisher Clearing House…you could be next! 11:43 AM Apr 12 via web
TimDineen The Library of Congress has a web crawler that intentionally ignores robots.txt ?! http://bit.ly/dE3238 Uncool! 05:14 PM Apr 12 via web
JRestaino So sad that I hung up my snowboard last night, but excited that I got to take the baseball glove out and dust off the old cleats! #spring 11:04 AM Apr 13 via TweetDeck
jimmy_foster In 140 characters or less, how would you describe the difference between a web designer and a web developer? 03:35 PM Apr 13 via TweetDeck
RoseJackson15 Memorial day is coming.. gotta get to the gym so I can pick things up and put them down. 05:25 PM Apr 13 via web
Leanne_Owens My Boston office has multiple openings for seasoned marketing/creative services project managers and online/digital project managers. Long… 10:48 AM Apr 18 via LinkedIn
LisaLakeOnward WSJ.com – Mobile App Talent Pool Is Shallow http://on.wsj.com/f0qTnq 01:09 PM Apr 18 via web
ken_clark On thelongform.com: Discover The best way You Can Use Effective Relationship Marketing In… http://goo.gl/fb/NmTrV 08:53 PM Apr 18 via Google
terradehnert Check out the new Onward Search career center! http://bit.ly/h7cm8G 12:38 PM Apr 19 via TweetDeck
Hcokeefe Note to self: Work on upper body strength prior to being interviewed by the Bobcats http://bit.ly/dRtnV7 via @Oatmeal 01:46 PM Apr 20 via web
OSBostonJobs If u want recruiters 2 find u, make sure your LI profile is super snazzy. Linked In is the oxygen of the recruiting world. ur welcome. 03:25 PM Apr 21 via web
young_jamiem NEW SPOT! VP Marketing – Boston, MA – Online experience is a MUST. Email me for more details @jyoungonwardsearch.com 11:51 AM Apr 25 via LinkedIn
OSPhillyJobs “If asked who your site is intended for and you say anyone and everyone, you are not a UX Designer” http://bit.ly/huy2Al 05:29 PM Apr 26 via web
AndreaGuerrero Watching the sail boats (out my window) make their way to the lake is giving me a glimmer of hope that summer is actually on it’s way. 12:49 PM Apr 27 via web
RoseJackson15 After watching the #royalweddng, I suddenly have an urge to purchase hats. 09:23 AM Apr 29 via web
mikewmccarthy Good for the city of Memphis #enjoyingnbaplayoffs 11:27 PM Apr 29 via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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