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There’s a plethora of information readily available for art / creative directors to help them understand the space they work in, and more confidently navigate their career as an art / creative director. The resources below represent the most recent and important information for art / creative directors.

Creative Director Salary Information

Salaries for creative directors can vary but are often in excess of $95K per year, depending on the location.

Top Locations for Creative Director Jobs / Creative Director Salaries:

RankLocationAverage Salary
1New York, NY $130,152
2San Francisco, CA $129,255
3Jersey City, NJ $122,038
4Boston, MA $119,830
5Atlanta, GA $116,235
6Chicago, IL $114,893
7Washington, DC $112,748
8Los Angeles, CA $102,776
9Seattle, WA $102,776
10Charlotte, NC $100,128
RankLocationAverage Salary
11Houston, TX $98,716
12Philadelphia, PA $97,516
13Dallas, TX $97,390
14San Diego, CA$96,044
15Portland, OR $92,902
16Columbus, OH $92,453
17Denver, CO $91,556
18Austin, TX $90,209
19Minneapolis, MN $83,926
20Phoenix, AZ $80,335

User Experience Job Trends

Creative Directors are some of the most highly sought after professionals as companies continue to push design and create more content than ever before.

creative director career resources


Tools and Resources for Creative Directors

From new creative trends and the latest design software updates, Creative Directors need to keep up with their evolving industry just as much as they need to know the basics. The websites below offer a range of tools and resources to assist creative directors in their day-to-day work.

  • SG Blog: A blog for creative directors that consistently posts new design tools, plugins and more.
  • Creative BloqA leading design blog that’s great for creative inspiration, and that also often post about new design tools, apps and plugins.
  • TypeEngineAn easy to use platform that helps you convert your blog into an easy-to-read newsstand app.


Creative Director Organizations

If you’re interested in networking with other creative directors or you just want to find those that share your love of creative directing, these organizations and groups will make it easy to connect with others.

Additional resources for creative directors

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