Career Flash: Bring Love to Your Job Search


Welcome back to Career Flash – the Onward Search blog feature where I share articles and stories that offer shiny little nuggets of job search and career advice gold. Here’s my latest find:

This post titled “Bring Love to Work” by Jen Smith on offers wonderful advice about how bringing your best, most positive A-game to work each day will benefit your outlook and leave you happier in general. I instantly loved this post because of its inspirational message, but even more so because that message applies just as much to job seekers as it does to the happily employed.

When you’re looking for a job, it feels like work and the longer it takes, the worse it can feel. So what’s going to keep you going?

Work. Yes, your work. The passion that motivates you to get out of bed and apply yourself each day. The spark that keeps you designing, writing, coding, optimizing – the LOVE that brought you to this career will help get you through your job search, and more importantly, lead you to your next job faster!

I asked Andrea Bohnen, Director of Staffing, Onward Search Dallas, if a little love can make a difference in a job search and she said, “Absolutely! It’s the candidates that are motivated and passionate about their work who stand out the most when they are networking, applying for jobs and especially interviewing. Employers can often be swayed by those qualities even if the skill sets and experience don’t match their wish list.”

When you demonstrate and embrace what you love to do during all stages of your job search, your passion will get you noticed, recommended and hired faster.

So make sure everything you bring to your job search – your resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, etc., – comes across as a love letter to your professional craft. Your job search will be more rewarding and come to a quicker end if you do.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Andrea or any of the Onward Search recruiters for guidance on this. They know what wows hiring managers and are happy to help you show off what you love to do best.

How do you bring the love to work, or your job search? Tell us below so other job seekers can benefit from your story!